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The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management is an independent, joint venture registered in London by China International Quality Certification Consulting Promotion Association and the UK Oxbridge International. It is also an overseas training institution authorised by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, People's Republic of China, with registration number 994403.

The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management specialises in providing professional management and technical personnel training for public sectors and enterprises at all levels in China. We are especially experienced in finance, law, education, politics, environmental protection and executive level training. The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management has organised over 500 trainings to date and has successfully coordinated study groups from Chinese public sectors and enterprises to achieve their aims. This indirectly contributed to the economic development in China.
Our Strengths
  • 7 specialist areas with a wide range of training programmes, fulfilling the demand of enterprises and public sectors at all levels
  • An abundance of experience working with relevant UK authorities, organisations and institutions at all levels
  • Lectures delivered by prominent professors, experts and scholars
  • Training programmes are tailored to meet local circumstances to ensure relevance
  • Professional interpreters
  • Secured and comfortable accommodation
Business Management Training
The development of an enterprise is largely determined by its leaders' ability. The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management offers an opportunity for the Chinese entrepreneurs and senior executives to study in the UK, learning the practices and experiences of UK companies.
  • Strategic Research Capacity
  • Marketing Skills
  • Innovation Skills
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
Training Partners/Site VisitsTraining Partners/Site Visits
  • UK Cabinet Office
  • UK Treasury
  • London Development Agency
  • Judge Business School, Cambridge
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Oxford Technology Innovation Centre
  • Oxford City Council
  • Edinburgh City Council
  • Bath City Council
  • BAE Systems
  • Virgin Group
  • British Petroleum
  • Said Business School, Oxford
  • University of Bath
Previous Training Groups Management
  • Central Party School of the Communist Party of China: Leadership and Innovation
  • Ministry of Ordnance Industry of the People's Republic of China: Executive Education
  • Beijing Municipal Government: Effective Governance
  • Enterprises of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province: Corporate Management and Brand Development
  • Hanjiang Group: Corporate Management and Brand Development
  • Aviation Industry Corporation of China: Bribery Prevention and Policy
Financial Training
Facilitation of the internationalisation and comprehensive development of China’s financial industry demands executives to be well versed in the global market competition, development trend, management strategy as well as market risks. The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management has worked with key industry players such as London Stock Exchange, City of London and Financial Services Authority. Our collaborative training includes lectures delivered by prominent experts as well as interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Wider International Perspective
  • Financial Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership Development
  • Global Competition in the Financial Markets
  • Client Relationship
  • Financial Sector Development
  • Innovative Financing for SMEs
  • Laws and Regulations of International Finance
  • International Financial Operations
  • International Financial Competitions
  • Global Trend in the Financial Industry
  • Risk Management of Financial Investment
  • Relationship between International Politics, Economy and Leadership
  • Strategic Management of UK Retail Banking
  • Client Relationship Management and Case Studies
  • UK Regional Economic Development Strategy
  • UK Financial Industry Supervision and Regulations
  • Introduction and Development of Financial Products
  • Comparative Analysis of European Bond Crisis
  • Development Strategy of Logistics Finance
  • UK Audit Rules and Regulations
Training Partners/Site Visits
  • UK Treasury
  • UK National Audit Office
  • Said Business School, Oxford
  • UK Financial Services Authority
  • City of London
  • London Economic Development Agency
  • Barclays Bank
  • London Stock Exchange
  • HSBC
  • UK Finance
  • Economic Development Department, City of London
  • International Collaboration Department, City of London
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Executive Education
  • Beijing Rural Commercial Bank: Banking Risk Management
  • Guangxi Finance Office: Financial Reform and Risk Control
  • Tianjin Municipal Government – Office of Financial Reform: Financial System Reform
  • Beijing Municipal Government – State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission:
  • International Operation and Strategy Management
  • Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area: UK Financial System
  • Beijing Municipal Audit Bureau: Public Financial Subsidy Audit
Legal Training
The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management introduces participants to the UK judiciary bodies, with immersive learning opportunity in the UK legal institutions and judicial system, to enable the enhancement of comparative studies and exchanges between the UK and China.
  • Legal Reform to Adapt to Economic Changes
  • Judicial Reform: The Improvement of Legal Oversight
  • Judicial Reform: Rights Protection of Litigators
  • Judicial Exchanges between the UK and China
  • Introduction to International Legal and Judicial Systems
  • Judicial Process
  • Court Proceedings
  • Legal Systems
  • Legal Affairs Management
  • Court of Protection
  • The Human Rights Act
  • Relationship between the Prosecutors and the Courts
  • Prison and Probation Service
  • Economic and Legal Systems
  • Training, Examination and Regulation of Judicial Personnel
  • Abuse of Power, Human Rights Violation and Accountability
Training Partners/Site Visits
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Attorney General's Office
  • Department of Constitutional Affairs
  • Crown Prosecution Service
  • The Bar Council (England and Wales)
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Police College
  • Forensic Access
  • Forensic Science Service
  • Oxford Magistrates’ Court
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Firms in Oxford
  • London Court of International Arbitration
  • Judge Business School, Cambridge
  • School of Law, Queen Mary University of London
  • Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission: Strengthening Rule of Law
  • Supreme People's Procuratorate: Misconduct in Public Office and Human Rights Violation
  • Supreme People's Procuratorate: Prevention of Malfeasance and Infringement
  • Judicial Exchange Association, Ministry of Justice: Judicial Systems and Forensics
  • Henan Higher People’s Court: Judges and Judicial Affairs Management
  • Guizhou Provincial People's Procuratorate: Misconduct in Public Office and Prosecutions
  • Anhui Provincial Public Complaints and Proposals Administration: Public Grievances System
Government Officials Training
Fostering an understanding of the UK political landscape and social systems, the Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management introduces participants to the UK public sectors, enabling direct communication with UK government officials whilst learning about government affairs and administrative management.
  • Public Service Skills of Government Officials
  • Professionalism of Government Officials
  • Political Dialogues between the UK and China
  • UK Political System, Public Services and Economic Structure
  • Public Sector Administration
  • Government Structure and Operation
  • Principles and Standards of Public Services
  • Misconduct in Public Service and Accountability
  • Standard of Public Policy Formulation
  • Public Policy in International Commercial Arbitration
Training Partners/Site Visits
  • House of Lords
  • House of Commons
  • Cabinet Office
  • Greater London Authority
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Oxford Technology Innovation Centre
  • Manchester City Council
  • Bath City Council
  • Chongqing Municipal Government Justice Bureau: Exercising Administrative Discretion
  • Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government: General Training
  • Xiamen Municipal Government: Legal Affairs
  • Beijing Municipal Government: Public Governance
Educational Training
British education is world famous. Many UK universities are ranked among the top in the world. The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management introduces participants to the UK higher education institutions, Department for Education, training providers and education development associations through dialogues and observations. Participants are able to gain an understanding on the UK education system, education regulations as well as an opportunity to witness UK’s advanced education model and teaching methodology led by critical thinking. Such an experience provides a valuable foundation towards further education research and education reforms.
  • Advanced Education Model and Teaching Methodology led by Critical Thinking
  • Teaching and Research Quality
  • Education Diversity
  • Education Competitiveness and Education Reform
  • Teaching Materials Development and Production
  • Educational Facilities and Learning Environment
  • Education Philosophy
  • Education Features
  • Education Management and Systems
  • Examination Assessments
  • Student Development and Teaching Plans
  • Programme Design and Integration
  • Teaching Environment Construction
  • Educational Leadership
  • Extracurricular Provision
  • Mental Health, Psychology, Morals and Values
  • Student Interests and Talents Development
  • Education Human Resources Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Education Development Trends
  • Mainstream Education and Theories
Training Partners/Site Visits
  • Department for Education
  • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Office for Standards for Education
  • National Union of Teachers
  • Said Business School, Oxford
  • Oxfordshire County Council
  • Education Scotland
  • Universities UK
  • Education and Training Foundation
  • Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
  • Quality Assurance Agency
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England
  • Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
  • Beijing Municipal Government Commission of Education: Higher Education Leadership Management
  • Xinjiang Karamay Education Bureau: Executive Education for Education Management Professionals
  • Huizhou Municipal Government Commission of Education: Innovation and Sustainability for Teachers
  • Xinjiang Agricultural University: Education Management of Undergraduates and Postgraduates
  • Beijing Jingchao International Culture and Exchange Centre: Teachers Training
Environmental Protection Training
The green economy has increasingly become a global trend, which is an objective being pursued by countries around the world. The UK enjoys an outstanding global reputation in environmental protection, as well as the conservation of cultural heritage and cities, the restoration of polluted rivers, the cultivation of green plants and the rescue of endangered species. There is an abundance of experience that could be shared with the rest of the world. The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management has facilitated training sessions, site visits and dialogues with relevant organisations. This includes the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and Water Services Regulation Authority. Developing countries are getting more environmentally conscious than ever before, aiming to leave behind a greener earth to the future generations.
  • Water Pollution and Rehabilitation of Rivers
  • Environmental Protection Awareness
  • Environmental Laws and Protection Systems
  • Cultural Heritage Protection and Future Development
  • Environmental Protection Monitoring Systems
  • Energy Saving Buildings and Low Carbon Economy Development
  • Urban Forestry and Urban Planning
  • Cultural Heritage Conservation
  • Water Treatment Measures and Planning
  • Green Plants Cultivation
  • Rescue of Endangered Species
  • Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations
  • Environmental Donations and Fund Management
  • Low Carbon Economy Policies
  • Olympics Legacy and Post-Event Management
  • Unban Industrial Transformation
  • Green Urban Planning
  • Urban Transportation Planning
Training Partners/Site Visits
  • Environment Agency
  • Forestry Commission
  • British Standards Institution
  • Forest Research
  • Water Services Regulation Authority
  • UK Soil Observatory
  • Zoological Society of London
  • Thames Water
  • Royal Town Planning Institute
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Economic Affairs Committee
  • New London Architecture
  • London City Hall
  • Edinburgh Technopole
  • London Development Agency
Environment Protection
  • National Forestry and Grassland Administration: Forestry Planning and Governance
  • Anhui Provincial Department of Construction: Urban Planning and Residential Environments
  • Henan Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration: Cultural Heritage Protection
  • Shaanxi Provincial Water Resources Agency: Water Restoration and Environment Protection
  • Huizhou Municipal Government: Low Carbon Economy and Emerging Industries
  • China Zoological Society: Rare and Endangered Species Protection
  • Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute: Urban Planning and Development Research
Media Training
The Oxford-Cambridge Centre for Advanced Management bridges participants’ knowledge gap in the UK TV industry which includes editing, interview, content analysis, future trends film and industry development. Participants would be taken to visit workplaces of big British media companies with an opportunity for in-depth dialogues with industry executives and leaders.
  • Diversified Development of TV and Broadcast Media
  • Film Industry Development
  • Improving Workplace Environment in the Media Industry
  • Internationalisation of Media Industry
  • Bilateral Dialogues and Exchanges in the Media Industry
  • Talent Development in Journalism
  • Workplace Visits of British Broadcasting and Media Industry
  • Media Course Offerings at UK Universities
  • International Media Industry
  • Promotion of Broadcasting and Film Industry
  • Media Management
  • Academic Courses in Media Studies
  • Development of the Global Digital Media Industry
Training Partners/Site Visits
  • British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Independent Press Standards Organisation
  • SAE Institute
  • Association for International Broadcasting
  • SKY UK
  • Digital TV Group
  • School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University
  • IPD Media
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Yunnan TV: Reporting Conflict and Casualties
  • Fujian Province: Cultural Innovation and Development
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