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Services We Provide
Established in 1999 by Marie Li, BCIC was registered as a limited liability company. With her experience in the overseas education industry, extended network and university resources, unique concept and international vision, Ms Li quickly built the company as a well-known education consulting agency. Enjoying the advantageous teaching environment and precious academic resources, BCIC is headquartered in Oxford with offices in London, Sydney and Beijing.
BCIC recommends schools and universities to students to helps them realise potentials and achieve their dreams by taking into consideration their academic, characteristics and future career goals. BCIC has been dedicated to helping students to develop in education, apply for ideal schools and universities and achieve progress for the past 20 years. Every year, we help hundreds and thousands of students to apply for elite educational institutions to achieve their dreams.
  • China Services
  • Overseas Services
  • VVIP service
  • Early Consultation:
    An introduction on the strengths of traditional British education, understand client’s present situation and educational needs
  • Initial Interview:
    Professional consultant conducts interviews and tests to assess candidate’s English proficiency, personal strengths and personality characteristics
  • Admission Test:
    Arrange UK school’s entrance test in accordance to the candidate’s age
  • Personal Learning Plan:
    Formulate a personalised learning and enrichment solution based on professional assessment
  • School Choice:
    Craft a school selection plan based on professional assessment and confirmation with schools
  • Test Preparation:
    Reference materials provision and tutoring arrangement for admission test
  • Interview Preparation:
    Deliver tailored interview skills preparation for candidates in according to the school’s characteristics
  • Visa Application:
    Visa document preparation and translation as well as assistance with visa application
  • Pre-Departure Briefing:
    Advice and briefing before departure
  • School Visit:
    Assist in setting up appointments and accompanying school visits
  • Homestay:
    Homestay arrangement to foster a smoother integration into the UK culture whilst enhancing English language learning
  • School Exam:
    Consultant accompanying candidate for school interview and admission test
  • Tutoring/Coaching:
    Reference materials provision and full English tutoring/coaching
  • Progression Planning:
    Develop a feasible, deliverable progression plan based on candidate’s circumstances
  • Counselling:
    Counselling on learning intentions, moods, habits, etc.
  • Application Tracking:
    Oxford headquarters tracks the application progress to ensure a prompt and transparent communication
  • Guardianship Services:
    Assist in guardianship arrangement to ensure a hassle-free and safe learning experience in the UK
  • Legal Support:
    Assist with multi-angle legal support from visas to studying and living in the UK
BCIC Service Advantages
(1)The founder is a former admission personnel at the University of Oxford who possesses deep insights into the UK’s education system with excellent links schools and universities.
(2)The history of BCIC dates back to 1999 and now comes with a solid twenty years of track record of successful school and university placements.
(3)BCIC is the sole representative of the University of the Arts London in Australia and New Zealand in addition to representing hundreds of schools and universities.
(4)We have been a guardianship provider for nearly ten years with a tried and tested service provision.
(5)Our experienced consultants provide a bespoke, personalised service to assess each individual’s academic developmental potential.
(6)Our team of qualified tutors support pupils’ examination preparation and equip them with the necessary techniques based on their personal needs.
Admission age and conditions: domestic junior high school and senior high school students (interviews required)
  • School

    1. 3 to 5 secondary schools (GCSE)

    2. 3 to 5 sixth form colleges (A level)

  • University

    1. Oxford University, Cambridge University, LSE, Imperial College, UCL

    2. Other: UK top 10 universities

Services We Provide
  • School Search Services
    Personnel Involved: the founder, directors, consultants and guardians
    Location: Oxford headquarters to provide support for school visits, visa applications, etc.
    Services include:

    (1)3-5 school visit appointments

    (2)Visa application support for parents and families

    (3)One-stop-service upon arrival in the UK

    (4)Experienced consultants accompany school visits

    (5)Application preparation expert guidance

  • Application Services
    The founder hosts periodic meeting with the client’s allocated private consultant to ensure a smooth application process and to provide advice and solutions as and when necessary.

    The private consultant liaises with the client and their families, and to assess the client’s academic ability and personality traits.

    The private consultant drafts a study plan based on the client’s individual circumstances which includes one-to-one subject or language tutoring, interview and entrance examinations preparation.

    The private consultant advises the client’s options based on academic and personality assessments.

    BCIC supports visa applications for the client and their family to visit UK schools as well as logistical arrangement such as accommodation and transportation.

    The private consultant briefs the client on interview preparation and techniques for school visits.

    Post school visits, the founder, the private consultant sit down with the client and their family to review progress and to decide on final school options.

    The private consultant submits in formal school applications and to monitor progress.

    UK based senior consultant provide guidance on writing personal statement whilst the private consultant prepares the clients for UK school interviews and entrance examinations.

    Based on entrance assessment outcome, the private consultant supports the client to obtain admission in case if he/she is being put on a waiting list.

    Once offers are received, the founder and the private consultant discuss with the client and their family on final school selection. Henceforth, the VIP guardianship service starts.
  • VIP Guardianship Services
    Our dedicated UK guardianship team provides an all rounded service, to name a few these include periodic parent reporting, tutoring support, counselling and internship arrangement.
  • Progression Planning

    Our professional consultants, through social media communication platform, constantly assess the client’s academic achievement, extracurricular activities, internship performance and time management.

    We provide a regular all rounded assessment to monitor the client’s continuous progress, enrichment need and improvement intervention as may be necessary, in order that high aspiration and desired outcome are on track of achievement.

    1. Initial Application Stage

    The application department guides our clients to prepare for necessary application materials and to help them register for online application systems.

    The documentation department guides our clients to write the application documents, profiles/curriculum vitae, reference letters and so forth.

    The UK based consultants prepare our clients for interviews and entrance examinations in order that they may improve on necessary communication skills.

    2. Post Offers Stage

    Visa Application – clients are supported for their visa application, document preparation and visa interview techniques.

    Pre Departure Briefing – specialist briefings are provided to clients such as life in the UK, education system, academic assessment, personal finance management and basic legal awareness.

    3. Post Offers Stage

    Visa Application – clients are supported for their visa application, document preparation and visa interview techniques.

    Pre Departure Briefing – specialist briefings are provided to clients such as life in the UK, education system, academic assessment, personal finance management and basic legal awareness.

    Admission Guidance

    Support provision for medical examinations, admission checklist, boarding/accommodation application, subject choice selection, etc.

    The Journey

Criteria for Top Universities
Academic Foundation
  • GPA
  • Professional Skills
  • Extra Courses
Standardized Tests
  • GCSE
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • MCAT
Extracurricular Activities
  • Student Clubs
  • Academic Competitions
  • Academic Research Papers
  • Community Services
  • Internships/Placements
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