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International Academic Tutorial Center
Beijing International Academic Tutorial Centre was setup with the aim of providing the very highest quality of tutorials and learning resources. Our mission is to provide expert face-to-face and online teaching over Christmas, Easter, Summer and Winter holidays to those students studying in the UK, helping them to prepare for examinations, to identify any knowledge gap as well as to preview upcoming academic topics.
Our International Academic Tutorial Centre is home to experienced teachers with outstanding academic outcomes in GCSE, A-Level, IB and AP programmes. We provide bespoke, effective learning solutions for students coming from a wide range of skills and background, based on our many years of experience working with international students.
We understand the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of international students embarking on international academic programmes. We seek to formulate the most suited study plan for each student based on their individual circumstances, as well as striving to address parents’ concerns and queries. Our tutorials are trusted by students and parents as we are committed to delivering an effective teaching methodology that addresses challenges and meets demands. Through personalised tutorials, our students have gained admission into top universities in the world such as G5 (UK) and Ivy League (US).
Many parents are worried that children are not enriching themselves during school holidays. After schools reopen, it could be the case that children’s English language proficiency and academic level could drop to a new low. This is the last thing that parents want to see happening. At BCIC, we could help your children to not only improving their academic ability, but also to improve their English language proficiency during the holiday. Step-by-step, this helps lay the foundation for entering into top institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge. Our short-term courses give your children a head start as we continue to support them in every step of the way throughout the journey.
And therefore, BCIC engages academics from the world-renowned University of Oxford to offer short term courses to help strengthen your children’s English language skills and three major subjects during holiday time. Each academic is carefully selected from the University of Oxford. Each lesson is taught in small classes of in between one to five. We are confident of guaranteeing the quality of teaching, ensuring the learning effectiveness in order that your children excel in their academic studies whilst enjoying their holidays.
Our Advantages
  • Dedicated Oxford academic with many years of teaching experience
  • Experience the very highest quality of education at world renowned universities to prepare for admission into top universities
  • Full English instruction to allow children benefit from the immersive language learning environment
  • Focus learning on three main subjects (optional)
  • Mock examinations to allow acclimatisation of examination questions and techniques
  • Small class size of in between one to five
  • Boarding places are provided
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