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Oxbridge Crash Course
The Oxbridge Crash Course is designed for students who want to apply to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. The Oxbridge Crash Course prepares students at the highest academic level with the aim of optimising their application success. Our professional consultants are hugely experienced and well-versed in Oxbridge applications. with a track record of successful students’ admission into both Oxford and Cambridge universities. The Oxbridge Crash Course aims to help students to realise their academic aspiration and to support them in pursuing future studies at top universities. The course contents cover essential insight into Oxbridge interviews, interviewer expectations, application processes, as well as preparing candidates with the most updated, academically rigorous mock interviews.
Phase One: Application Submission
  • Comprehensive academic assessment, including AS score analysis and A2 exam coaching
  • Individualised counselling for personal statement writing
  • University search guidance for course selection
  • Dedicated guidance for Oxbridge course selection
  • Detailed analysis and selection guidance for Oxbridge constituent colleges
  • Guidance on how to liaise with school referees
  • Complete guidance on filling out the UCAS UK universities application form
  • Testing of brain sensitivity and adaptability
  • Guidance on liaising with universities during the application process
  • Other university choices
Phase Two: Interview
Subject Specific Interview – In a subject specific interview, the interviewer will give the candidate a question, article or text related to the subject. According to our experience, candidates often find that this is the hardest part of the interview. Such an interview requires the candidate to have a clear thought and a deep insight on the subject matter, to clearly articulate point of view on the sport, as well as to defend the argument when challenged by the interviewer. BCIC will source and allocate an Oxbridge graduate from the same discipline as a mentor to train the candidate for a rigorous academic interview and preparing the candidate for the anticipated challenges. Post mock interviews, the candidate will receive a meticulously verbal and written feedback. Also, we can provide the candidate with a DVD recording of the interview process.
One-to-One, Face-to-Face Interview
Our face-to-face interview can be combined one-to-one interview as a course offering. Here, you are able to be trained on multiple interview skills with the utmost intensity.
Online Interview
Most interviews could be conducted online. All interviews will be conducted by an interviewer who is an Oxbridge graduate.
MMI Training
MMI is the abbreviation for multiple mini interview. It has become the mainstream choice for many college interviews and selections. We provide high-intensity interview training to help improve candidate’s key competencies such as articulation and summarisation.
SAT Prep Course
The SAT is the most common American university and high school entrance examination. Since 1941, the SAT has undergone several reforms and updates, from the IQ Test to the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the now widely known SAT Comprehension Test (SAT reasoning test).
As long as you are 12 years of age or older and wish to enrol in a US high school or university, you can take the SAT. Nevertheless, in general, candidates will take the SAT in the last two years of their high school. When a student gets the examination result, the grade can be sent directly to the universities where the candidate has applied for. The SAT is divided into three parts: writing, critical reading, and mathematics. Each part has a score range of 200-800 points. The final total score is the sum of the parts. The examination time is usually four hours - 15 minutes for the examination administrative time, the actual examination takes 3 hours and 45 minutes.
Generally speaking, the reason why universities are requiring SAT is that they believe the SAT assessment is more reliable than the high school grade average point (GPA) and is an indicator of university level performance.
Teaching Characteristics
  • Top teachers’ lively yet progressive teaching methodology to improve learning effect
  • Lectures, test questions and mock examinations to prepare candidates for the actual test
  • Structured lessons and small class size learning environment
  • Full English language instruction to enhance candidates’ adaptability
To apply for UK universities and research institutes, you must pass the IELTS (International English Proficiency Test) test. The IELTS test is a UK English test and is primarily focused on the skills required to study at UK universities and research institutes. We offer one-to-one IELTS preparation course to help candidates understand the strengths and weaknesses of their English level while mastering the IELTS examination skills.
Teaching Characteristics
  • High quality one-to-one tutoring, full interactive practice and questioning
  • Experienced teachers mark the assignments of each student
  • Full English language learning environment
  • Textbooks are official IELTS prescribed textbooks
  • Thematic interactive teaching which allows candidates to familiarise various IELTS question types
  • An exclusive, free-of-charge IELTS library
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